Book Today and Receive Free Financing or $300 Off on Any Package of $2500 or More! Expires 1-31-18

Book Today and Receive Free Financing or $300 Off on Any Package of $2500 or More! Exp 1-31-18

Your home deserves the same care and consideration in the details that you place upon family and friends. After all, it's the very place where life's cherished moments are lived and memories are born.

Choose the right windows for your home to enhance the natural beauty of each room, highlight the unique architectural details and complement the ambience of every room.

Amcraft's Grand Estates windows give you stunning ways to light up your life and keep it memorable. Each of these high-performance windows comes in a stylish selection of shapes and sizes to enhance the mood of every room in your home... and your lifestyle. Make the details count.

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window installations in Wausau, WI
window installers in Wausau, WI

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Xceed Fiberglass Windows in Wausau, WI

Xceed Fiberglass windows are designed to meet and surpass every expectation. Fiberglass is fast becoming the material of choice for new and replacement windows in homes across the country. A few facts about this fascinating material.

Exceptional strength and stability. Fiberglass has often been called the "lumber of the future" because it won't rot, peel or warp, unlike many other materials such as steel and wood. In addition to its combination of light weight and inherent strength, it expands and contracts at a nearly identical rate as glass, which means there is less stress placed on the window as a whole. Fiberglass windows are perfect for environments experiencing extremes of temperature, or exposure to corrosion, such as saltwater coastal areas.

Extraordinary insulation. Fiberglass is made from a single polymer where air is trapped inside, making it the ideal insulator. In addition to being an excellent temperature insulator, it's a superior acoustic insulator as well. Which means you will be well protected from noise outside your home.

Exemplary for the environment. Fiberglass is essentially made from glass, which is essentially made from sand: definitely a renewable resource. It takes much less energy to make fiberglass than other comparable window framing materials. This is called "embodied energy", and fiberglass contains approximately 80% less embodied energy than steel and 39% less than vinyl.

Extruded Screen Frames in Wausau, WI

New Extruded Screen Frame Features:

Greater Rigidity
Extruded aluminum screen frames feature strong, stalked corner keys, virtually eliminating the tendency to warp, bow, or distort

Streamlined Appearance
Corners are precision-mitered for a smooth, streamlined appearance. Interior-facing spline groove improves curb appeal, providing a more uniform appearance.

Water management
Unique, concealed weep system faces interior and promotes water drainage away from the window frame.

Easy Operation
Convenient lift handles are integrated into the profile. Nested springs ensure easy, worry-free operation.

Screens are color matched to the window frame exterior, creating a custom finished look. New extruded screen frames are also available as an upgrade option to standard roll from rom screen frames.