Ice Dam Removal and Prevention

Ice dams can happen for a number of reasons.

Do you have warm air escaping through your attic?

Is your attic properly vented?

Have temperatures been near freezing?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you could have an ice dam issue.

At A-Rite, we can ensure that your attic is properly vented and warm air is not escaping through your attic with proper insulation.

For existing ice dams, we use an ice dam steamer system to control the ice that forms when temperatures are near or around freezing.

Why is preventing/removing ice dams important?

An ice dam can trap puddles of water on your roof. This can cause leaks and damage insulation, drywall and more.

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Ice Dam Removal and Prevention in Wausau, WI
Ice Dam Removal and Prevention in Wausau, WI