Book Today and Receive Free Financing or $300 Off on Any Package of $2500 or More! Expires 1-31-18

Book Today and Receive Free Financing or $300 Off on Any Package of $2500 or More! Exp 1-31-18

Attic Insulation

A-Rite offers our customers the best in fiber glass blown-in insulation. Owens Corning PINK FIBERGLAS Insulation is ENERGY STAR-rated for energy efficiency and GREENGAURD Indoor Air Quality Certified. Loose-fill fiber glass experiences less than 2% settling (compared to 25% settling with cellulose) and delivers its R-Value for the life of your home (cellulose losing 15 to 25% its R-Value).

40 % of heat loss happens through the attic and a well-insulated attic can save you up to 20% on your homes heating and cooling energy bills. A-Rite can help you with our Owens Corning expanding blown-in insulation to bring your attic to the recommended R-Value of 60, which is 20 inches of blown-in insulation. Most homes that have not added insulation are between 8 and 12 inches, way below the Department of Energy recommendations. Energy costs are only continuing to increase which is why it’s a smart idea to protect your home against rising expenses.

Problems with Ice Damming? A-Rite is capable of steaming off ice dams with out damage to your roof or shingles for a quick fix to eliminate them causing damage to your roof. A properly insulated and ventilated attic will help to prevent ice dam build-ups, which could be causing leaks or unseen damage to your roof.

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